The MEDiC Kit: A toolkit to help patients with at-home MRSA treatment

The MEDiC Kit was developed as a part of the MRSA Eradication and Decolonization in Children (MEDiC) study conducted by Dr. Paul Musey, Jr, Dr. Matthew Landman, and Dr. Aaron Carroll. The study team collaborated with the Indiana CTSI’s Research Jam team. These materials were developed with guidance by families with experience in MRSA. The goal of the kit is to guide families step by step through a process for MRSA decolonization using bleach baths and mupirocin swabs. These materials were developed through grant funding to principal investigator Aaron Carroll from (AHRQ – 1R24HS022434-01).

Physicians may wish to use these materials to help their patients with home MRSA treatment or researchers may wish to use these materials for studies involving bleach baths and/or mupirocin swabs.

The kit is made up of:

1. Decolonization Instruction Booklet: Step by step instructions (with photographs) for preparing and completing bleach baths and mupirocin swabs. Includes a link to the bleach bath instructional video online.

2. Bleach Bath Instructional Video: A short video showing the same step by step information included in the instruction booklet for both the bleach baths and the mupirocin swabs.

3. Hygiene Shower Hanger: A shower hanger with reminders for good MRSA hygiene (to be printed and laminated before use).

4. Hygiene Tracking Booklet: A booklet to help families track MRSA hygiene tasks.

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5. Decolonization Tracking Booklet: A booklet that includes information about MRSA and allows families to track MRSA decolonization tasks and MRSA-related outcomes.

6. Packing Slip: A photographic list of decolonization supplies sent to families.

Download the whole MEDiC Kit here.